Hospital Bed Repair

Hospital beds are often essential in your recovery from an injury or illness. When these beds break down, they can significantly affect your comfort and safety. That is why Family Rentals provides quick hospital bed repairs.

We offer hospital bed repairs and service throughout Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Our team has the expertise to fix a variety of hospital and home health beds. We also deliver hospital bed replacement parts, including wheels and remote controls.

The Repair Process

Providing you with high-quality service is our top priority. We designed our repair process to be as convenient and simple as possible. No matter what time of day your hospital bed breaks down, you can call us. From there, our staff will set up a time to pick up your hospital bed and repair it. At our facility, the technicians will run a diagnostic test on the hospital bed. After the issue has been identified, one of our technicians will call you, explain the issue, and give you a quote for the repair. Your hospital bed will be delivered to your home immediately after the repair.

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Hospital Beds That We Repair

Whether you purchased your hospital bed from us or another retailer, we can fix it. Our technicians repair all types of hospital beds including the following brands:

 Advantages of Using Family Rentals for Hospital Repairs

There several advantages to using Family Rentals for your hospital bed repairs:

  • Rental Beds – You have the option to rent one of our affordable hospital beds while yours is being repaired.
  • Quick Repair Time – Most repairs are done within 24 hours; however, some may take a week or longer.
  • Around-the-clock Delivery – To make the repair process as easy possible, we deliver your fixed bed to you whenever it is convenient for you. Delivery service is available anywhere within South Florida.

To schedule an appointment with our technicians, call us today.