Wooden High Chair, Restaurant Style High Chair For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$19.50
Additional Week$18.00
Additional Day$5.50
Daily Rate$14.00

Family Rentals’ Wooden High chair is crafted from all natural wood. This High Chair features natural finishing, quality designing, and unique construction. The wooden high chair has no trays, great to be placed at the dinner table. Suitable height makes it convenient to fit at a standard kitchen table, requiring no upper supervision-Your child can easily access the table. The classic wooden high chair is a time-tested product by restaurateurs and customers. The wooden high chair features solid wood material, simple design, easy-wipe seat with a damp cloth, and high quality that make it perfect as a long-lasting product and prime choice to be used in restaurants and homes.

The unique safety strap system safeguards the child with a lap belt, which threads through the crouch restraint. A non-toxic natural finishing, subtly rounded corners add an extra protection level and reduce any splinter and injuries risks.

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Wooden High Chair, Restaurant Style High Chair

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