Wii Console with controller For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$59.00
Additional Week$55.00
Additional Day$10.00
Daily Rate$49.00

Family Rentals’ Wii console is a great way to get everyone moving and having fun. Unlike other video game systems the Wii console requires you to stand up and move around to play which turns your favorite video games into a workout! It is best played by a group of people and is fun for almost any age. The Wii console also lets you play Gamecube games all your need is a Gamecube controller.

The unique aspect of the Wii is that it breaks the common belief that video games are for the lazy. With this console you have to be moving and the more fit you are the longer and better you will be able to play. This is one of the only quality video game systems focused on getting you out of your seat, getting your blood pumping, ang giving you a workout. Games for the Wii vary widely from family friendly game like Mario party to games focused on older kids such as Maddena>.

The Wii console comes with one controller but you can rent more controllers. We also have a wide selection of Wii games.

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Wii Console with controller

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