White Padded Folding Chairs, Adult Padded Folding Chair White For Rent

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Daily Rate$3.00

Family rentals’ padded folding chair is a comfortable and sturdy chair great for almost any event. The padded folding chair is made out of strong wood making it sturdy and lightweight. The design of this padded folding chair allows for it to be easily folded and stored or transported making this one of the easiest padded folding chair to work with. Coming in white the padded folding chair is perfect for weddings and can be used for both inside and outside ceremonies. These chairs are also great for many other events such as birthdays, graduations, and reunions. The padded folding chair has a padded cushion on the seat making it more comfortable and allowing your guests to be happier and stay longer. The chairs design comfort and portability make them one of the best padded folding chair available.

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