Wheelchair Standard For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$44.00
Additional Week$40.00
Additional Day$6.00
Daily Rate$38.00

Family Rental’s manual rental wheelchair has a unique cross-brace frame design making it easy to fold. This manual rental wheelchair also has armrests adding to it’s comfort and flexibility. Other features of our manual rental wheelchair are a mid-level back, two front wheels for maneuverability and swing-away footrests. The manual rental wheelchair can fold flat for easy transportation.

This manual rental wheelchair is comfortable and spacious for the person sitting. Built of strong metals, this manual rental wheelchair has been made while considering the safety of the person.

Wheelchair Standard

Independent Feedback based on 2 verified reviews.
- 5 months ago
It served its purpose fine. We could not bring his chair from home and just had a transport chair. My husband needed to move around on his own and he could do it with this chair. So it worked out fine. I was so glad this worked out.
- 7 months ago
Too heavy to lift into car