Tuffcare -Venture Transporter #200 Wheelchair For Purchase


The Venture Transporter Wheelchair is a great lightweight wheelchair. This chair can be easily folded for storage and portability. Perfect for small households and for traveling to places where you don’t know if a regular wheelchair can fit the Venture transporter chair is built to be small enough to fit through the narrowest of walkways while still being comfortable for the patient. The easy folding technology included with the Venture Transporter Wheelchair make it easy for even the smallest person to fold this chair and put it into the back of a car without having to strain themselves making this chair great if you are planing on getting in and out of a vehicle. The footrests swing away and are detachable. The frame can be either chrome plated or powder coated and can support up to 250 pounds.



Wheelchair Tuffcare Venture Transporter #200

Tuffcare -Venture Transporter #200 Wheelchair

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