Tuffcare -Venture #677 Wheelchair Lightweight Detachable Arm For Purchase


20″ seat $389.00
w/ leg lifts add $25.00

The venture 677 wheelchair is a lightweight chair with detachable arms. With a weight limit of 250 pounds with chair is strong and sturdy. padded upholstery, arm pads, and calf pads make the venture 677 wheelchair very comfortable. The venture 677 wheelchair can fold into a compact package for easy storage and transportation. The Luxury textured composite handrims allow you to comfortably grip and push the Venture 677 Wheelchair without having your hands get cold from bare metal like most wheelchairs. High performance bearings last for years without wearing letting you push the chair with little resistance. Padded upholstery and armrests provide extra seating comfort on the Venture 677 Wheelchair.


Tuffcare -Venture #677 Wheelchair Lightweight Detachable Arm

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