Tuffcare -Tuffy #897 Wheelchair Deluxe Detachable Hemi For Purchase


Tuffy 897

This low seat, Tuffy 897 Hemi wheelchair is designed for easy foot propulsion by users with both feet or one hand and one foot. This is ideal for amputees or smaller individuals who want to be more independent and not rely on others to move around. Detachable arms allow for easy side access of patients and make it easy to move in and out of the Tuffy 897. Composite handrims eliminate the uncomfortable feel that hot or cold metal handrims come with. Precision seal bearings keep the Tuffy 897 working for years without any problems or squeaking noises.

20″ seat $399.00
with leg lifts add $30.00



Tuffcare -Tuffy #897 Wheelchair Deluxe Detachable Hemi

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