Tuffcare -Tuffy #887 Wheelchair Deluxe Fixed Hemi For Purchase


This Tuffy Deluxe 887 is well crafted to provide comfort and durability for all users. With its durable chrome plated frame, 24 molded rear wheels, 8 molded casters, and double embossed upholstery padded armrests and calf pads the Tuffy Deluxe 887 wheelchair is a comfortable high quality wheelchair. Composite handrims on the Tuffy Deluxe 887 wheelchair eliminate the hot and cold feels that regular metal handrims give. precision seal bearings keep the Tuffy Deluxe 887 wheelchair oporational for years without and problems or annoying squeaking. Padded, embossed vinyl upholstery and padded armrest pads provide extra seating comfort on the tuffy deluxe 897 wheelchair.

Standard features


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