Tuffcare -Tuffy #377 Wheelchair Deluxe Wide For Purchase


This heavy duty, extra wide Tuffy 377 wheelchair is engineered for patients who weigh between 250 lbs. and 375 lbs. The special reinforced frame and extra durable upholstery is constructed to withstand everyday use of larger individuals. Along with the reinforced frame are reinforced welds on all key area of the Tuffy 377 letting this wheelchair withstand use and abuse for years without any bending or breaking. The double cross bar construction on all Tuffy 377 models lets the Tuffy 377 withstand extra weight without adding much weight to the chair itself. The Tuffy 377 wheelchair is a perfect chair for most larger individuals.

Standard Features

Optional Accessories

Tuffcare -Tuffy #377 Wheelchair Deluxe Wide

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