Stereo: 40 Watt 5 cd’s ,2 cass. AM/FM For Rent

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Family Rentals’ 40 watt stereo is one of the best boom boxes available. The 40 watt stereo putts out outstanding sound and bass that u can feel while staying compact and portable. The AM/FM receiver delivers great sound even on a shaky signal and the antenna can be adjusted thousands of ways to get the best possible signal. The CD player included with this 40 watt stereo can hold up to 5 CD’s at once and can play them through without any intervention so you can make up your own party playlist and leave it on all night without having to mess with it. This 40 watt stereo can even play the old cassette tapes you have laying around in amazing quality. This 40 watt stereo had detachable speakers allowing you to place them in the best possible position to listen to your music.

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Stereo: 40 Watt 5 cd's ,2 cass. AM/FM

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