Motomed Viva 2 Movement Therapy Trainer For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$89.00
Additional Week$85.00
Additional Day$16.00
Daily Rate$73.00

The motor-assisted Reck Motomed Viva 2 is a movement therapy trainer with refined specifications and ideal operating features for people with disabilities. This is one of the easiest and most refined therapy trainers to use for physical rehabilitation. Use it for daily passive, assistive and active movement training whether in the rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, or at home. It is mobile and highly stable due to the all-metal design. The Motomed Viva 2 is also compact, requiring no more space than a chair!

Rent the Reck Motomed Viva 2 today and benefit from a host of great features.


  • User Friendly Operation: The Motomed Viva 2 display is clear and easy to navigate, color coding operating steps on a large screen. Large tactile buttons make the trainer simple to operate.
  • MovementProtector: The Motomed stops pedal movement in the case of movement blockage caused by events like spasticity and muscle cramping. A special trait of the MovementProtector is its ability to adjust to changes in muscle tension changes, remaining optimally sensitive during use.
  • Symmetry Training: The Reck Motomed Viva 2’s built-in SymmetryTraining is great for training the weaker side of a user’s body. A two-scale diagram informs the user about how much strength they use with their left and right body. An animated figure displays their statistics, giving the user the information they need to target specific sides of their body.
  • Training Analysis: The Motomed Viva 2 provides training statistics like performance, speed, distance and time that can be viewed on the display. It will even store previous training, allowing the user to retrieve workout history data at any time.

Reserve your Motomed Viva 2 rental below and feel free to contact us with any inquiries at 561-279-9355.

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Motomed Viva 2 Movement Therapy Trainer

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