Recliner Lift Chair, Power Recliner For Rent

FDA Class II Medical Device*

Available for Rent
First Week$109.00
Additional Week$105.00
Additional Day$18.00
Daily Rate$91.00

Family Rental’s recliner lift chair is perfect for anyone who needs back pressure relief and better circulation. This recliner lift chair is designed with luxurious materials and top of the line technology making it comfortable and safe. The chair offers more positions than any other lift chair. Recliner chairs don’t typically have smooth transitions but this chair is guaranteed to not jar you around when you want to switch positions and will lift up to help you into a standing position.

Ideal for watching TV, this recliner lift chair is most suitable for elders that might experience problems from changing their seated position to the standing position and vice-versa. The chair features a smooth option to gradually lift or descend the person without causing any harm, making it a very comfortable and useful chair.

*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.

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Recliner Lift Chair, Power Recliner

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