Propane Grill 2 x 5, Large 2 x 5 Cookout Propane BBQ Grill For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$199.00

Family Rentals’ 5 ft Propane Grill is the perfect way to cook huge amounts of food in a short amount of time. Whether your cooking for a party or tailgating this 2 x 5 ft propane grill will keep up with the biggest of orders. The grill is powered by propane so the temperature are much more steady and it is easier to cook with than charcoal grills. The grill includes several burners giving you more control over the heat of different part of the 5 ft propane grill and letting you cook different things on different parts of the surface. The 5 ft propane grill includes 4 wheels allowing you to easily move it around your party or set it up anywhere while tailgating. This 5 ft grill is relatively light weight for its size and can be easily moved around by one person and lifted by two. The propane grill is made to last and extended heat will not make any of the surfaces weak or deteriorate.

A rental propane tank is also available for a additional charge of $49.00.

We also have a 5 ft charcoal grill available.


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Propane Grill 2 x 5, Large 2 x 5 Cookout Propane BBQ Grill

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