Projection Screen 72″ Diagnonal , 5 ft square Screen For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$39.00

Family Rental’s 72″ projector screen is perfect for watching movies and showing presentations on. The 72″ projector screen is great for medium to small audiences and if you need something bigger you should check out our other screens. Family Rentals always makes sure all of our projector screens are clean and work perfectly. The screen rolls up into a small package and the stand folds for easy storage and portability.

Walls and other surfaces, even white ones do not reflect pictures very well this can cause the projection to be off color and have dark spots. Projection screens fix this problem and improve the picture quality of any projector. This projection screen is compatible with almost all projectors and displays true colors with sharp contrast. This projection screen is made to be stored in a roll with out a problem so when u take it out the screen looks fine without and wrinkles or other imperfections that can effect the picture quality.

This is one of the best portable screen available today it is 72″ big diagonally and is made from high quality materials to make it lightweight, clear, and very portable.

If you need a projector check out our Projector Rentals.

Projection Screen 72" Diagnonal , 5 ft square Screen

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