Popcorn machine- with cart, Full Size,Commercial Popcorn Machine with Cart For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$99.00

Popcorn Machine-with cart

 INCLUDES: servings for 70, popcorn and bags

Family Rentals’ deluxe popcorn machine with cart is great for any party or event. The machine comes standard with a beautiful cart but can be detached and used as a tabletop model. The popcorn machine has tempered glass, a warming deck and a reject kernel tray so that all of your popcorn comes out perfect. The cart can store all of your corn for making popcorn. The popcorn machine is easily cleaned with water. The cart is very portable and can be easily moved by one person on its big wheels.The popcorn machine and cart are made of powder coated and stainless steel so it is both lightweight and very strong. This machine can make about 3 gallons of popcorn per batch and works on a standard 110 volt plug.

Additional Features:

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