Podium- Freestanding with PA System For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$89.00

Family Rental’s podiums can help anybody stay organized and reach more people during a speech or presentation. Our podiums are great for anyone making a speech at work, school, or an event and will impress your audience. The freestanding podium comes with a built-in amplifier, two Jensen design speakers and a goose-neck style microphone. The podium has two large shelves for notes, equipment or accessories.

If you are planning a event or gathering the podium will allow your speaker to reach more people and give them more comfort because they will not have to be yelling to reach the audience. Better than just a microphone stand this podium improves the speakers posture and gives the speaker a place to put his or her notes. 

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Podium- Freestanding with PA System

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