Pediatric Wheelchairs, Portable Wheelchair For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$169.00
Additional Week$165.00
Additional Day$55.00
Daily Rate$114.00

Our Pediatric Wheelchairs are mobile aids designed for and used by children.; Children require the use of a wheelchair for different reasons;like, some have suffered head injuries some have muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy, some are amputees,; who are not candidates for artificial limbs, ;and others make limited use of their wheelchairs in lieu of a walker ; These Pediatric Wheelchairs are lightweight sport models and are very maneuverable by hand and  can provide a very active child with the tools to participate fully in most physical activities  including sports.

Our Portable Wheelchair offer greater freedom than ever before ; including the ability to allow your child to participate in activities at floor level or table height or even standing in some situations making your child ;comfortable and functional ; This ;Portable Wheelchair is having removable armrest and elevating legrest ; This is having portable size which makes it easy to tranport it from one place to other

Pediatric Wheelchairs, Portable Wheelchair

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