Outdoor Misting Fan For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$149.00

Our outdoor misting fan is a great way to keep cool in the hot Florida sun. The outdoor misting fan is great for sports events, picnics and other outdoor events. The misting fan can be used as just a fan or you can turn on the misting function and greatly increase the cooling effect. Many misting fans get you wet if you are in them for to long but this outdoor misting fan is made so that you can stand in the mist without getting soaked. Outdoor misting fans are one of the best ways to cool down during an event they are used by many sporting teams to cool down the players while they are on the sidelines.

This outdoor misting fan has a huge tank for water that lasts for hours without needing to be refilled. The fan is one speed but the misting function can be turned on or off. Wheels are built in to this outdoor misting fan to make it easy to move even when filled with water. A 130 psi water pump keeps the water moving letting you cool off in the amazing mist put off by this fan.

Motor: 1 speed,8 HP, 1 Phase
120 Volt sleeve bearing permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, permanent split capacitor.
CFM: 5,750
Amps: 2.2
Toggle switch – fan only or fan and mist.
SJT type cord – 3 conductor –  with GFCI plug.
Blade: aluminum
Spiral wire guards – front and rear.
130 PSI diaphragm pump

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Outdoor Misting Fan

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