Outdoor Heater, Propane Pyramid Style Patio Heater For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$399.00
Additional Week$349.00
Additional Day$150.00
Daily Rate$149.00

These beautiful Outdoor heaters are both stylish and useful. The pyramid outdoor heaters are the perfect addition to anything outdoors during the winter, from sitting outside relaxing to dancing around during a party these outdoor heaters will keep you warm without being an eyesore. The propane powered outdoor heaters also provide a dim romantic light which makes the perfect for relaxing outdoors with your love during a beautiful winter night in Florida. The heaters are designed to go with almost any kind of decor from a classic Asian theme to a beach theme these outdoor heaters almost always fit in.It does get cold in Florida but you don’t want to bundle up these outdoor heaters are the perfect solution to a cold florida night. If you are throwing a event with people coming from upstate they expected warm weather so give it to them even on the coldest nights.

The outdoor heaters are relatively light and easy to set up. The height of the flame and heat put out of the outdoor heater is easily adjusted with a valve. The outdoor heater includes a battery igniter making the flame easy and safe to start.

A propane tank is also available for a additional charge of $49.00.

Outdoor Heater, Propane Pyramid Style Patio Heater

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