Matrix U5X Upright Stationary Bike Rentals

Available for Rent
First Week$109.00
Additional Week$105.00
Additional Day$29.50
Daily Rate$79.50

The Matrix U5X is an advanced, high-performance stationary bike that makes getting a great workout easy. Exercising on a stationary bike gives you many health benefits from improving your heart health and stamina to helping you burn calories. Working out on a Matrix U5X upright stationary bike rental is also low impact on your joints, making it an exercise accessible to riders both young and old.

Here are exciting features you can expect to see in your Matrix U5X upright stationary bike rental:

  • Intuitive LED console display
  • Sprint 8 High Intensity Interval Training program
  • USB port for smartphone and tablet charging
  • 3-speed personal fan
  • Self-powered system that allows for cost-savings and easy placement anywhere
  • Comfortable race-style handles
  • Intuitive one-hand adjustment for seat position fine tuning

If you’re interested in renting a Matrix U5X upright stationary bike, you can contact us and get to cycling right away. We provide 24/7 delivery and pick-up options throughout Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties.

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