Mason- Sierra 3″ Gel/Foam Geri Chair Overlay 3671-GC For Purchase


Item code MA-9400

Sierra Gel Geri Chair overlay.Pressure redistribution and unprecendented comfort is delivered for individuals who use Sierra Geri-Chair Overlay on a daily basis. The seat is made up of high resillient foam with a water based gel bladder to help redistribute pressure. The gel bladder has a seam down the middle which eliminates migration. The head and back section are made up of 5 lb. density Visco Elastic Memory foam for optimal comfort. The heel section utilizes Lura-Quilt, a revolutionary foam. Lura-Quilt is aerated foam which allows air to pass through the foam to keep the patient cool and dry while providing superior pressure redistribution. The cover is constructed of a multi-directional waterproof stretch nylon. The cover allows air to pass through to keep the patient cool and dry. The bottom cover has a unique rubber non-skid material for patient safety. 2 straps secure the Sierra Geri-Chair overlay to the chair for added safety. 300 lb. weight capacity and 18 month non-prorated warranty. Bariatric sizes available. Item #3671-GC. 72’X19’X3′

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Mason- Sierra 3" Gel/Foam Geri Chair Overlay 3671-GC

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