Mason- First Position Titanium 26″x20″x3 Multi-Layered Visco Memory Foam with Gel Cushion FPT-8 For Purchase

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TITANIUM Specifically designed for superior pressure reduction and proper patient posture. A gel bladder combined with a top layer of Visco Elastic Memory foam provides excellent pressure reduction by uniformly distributing patients weight. The middle layer of high resilient, high density foam encourages proper patient posture by allowing the patient to submerge into the cushion. The pommel acts as a built in leg abductor.The waterproof stretch cover provides low shear to help maintain sensitive skin tissue.The non-skid bottom offers additional security. The top of the line multi layered variable density foam and gel cushion provides comfort with advanced therapeutic support. The Titanium encourages correct patient posture, proper spine alignment, stability and uniform weight distribution. Specially designed tapered front with pommel relieves thigh pressure and promotes optimal leg positioning. Masons Unitek IV cover is a non-shear fluid resistant, anti-microbial/bacterial stretch nylon. The Titanium cushion is fire-retardant and conforms The front has a tapered front edge that relieves pressure on distal thighs. The pommel acts as a built in leg abductor to create optimal leg positioning. The top layer is made of high-density foam providing enhanced anterior distal thigh loading and posterior sacrum support. The middle layer is soft, self-molding, shock absorbing visco elastic foam to provide maximum comfort and stability. It is a latex free material. The middle layer is also comprised of a gel bladder. This enhances patient positioning and reduces pressure around bony prominences. The bottom layer is a sculptured high density foam foundation base providing stability and encourages correct posture and proper alignment. The cover in made from Unitek IV low shear nylon stretch fabric. Reduces heat and moisture build up, fluid resistant, stain resistant, anti-microbial/bacterial and fire retardant. Equipped with Masons Barrier Stop over-flap to protect zippers and a no Medicare reimbursable HCPC code E2607

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Mason- First Position Titanium 26"x20"x3 Multi-Layered Visco Memory Foam with Gel Cushion FPT-8

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