Mason-35″x80″x9″ Non- Powered Self Adjusting Air/Foam Mattress BA9600-NP For Purchase

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Balanced Aire Self Adjusting foam/air mattress with Optional Alternating Pressure Pump is available as either a powered or non-powered support surface. As a non-powered surface the product provides excellent patient comfort and low interface pressures. The 12 tri-laminated foam filled air cells are separated into three distinct zones and are plumbed to the ambient room pressure. These cells are designed to provide proper support to every patient regardless of weight. Each air cell is constructed with the highest grade anti-microbial nylon/polyurethane material currently available. The air cells are contained within a high density foam perimeter which creates a smooth transition from the side rail to the air cell. In addition the cavity is sloped downward in the foot section to reduce the pressure in the heel zone. On top of the air cells is a 1” layer of Visco-Elastic foam as well as 2” of a 5-zoned convoluted polyurethane foam.

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Mason-35"x80"x9" Non- Powered Self Adjusting Air/Foam Mattress BA9600-NP

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