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Family Rentals’ 1100 Lumen LCD Projector rental is at the forefront of expanding the possibilities of LCD projectors through the use of advance digital technology. The 1100 Lumen LCD Projector fits the needs of any presenter in any situation the projector Rentals achieves greater color accuracy by handling each color signal in the video input individually applying its brightness value directly in rendering the video. In contrast  regular projectors use a sampling process which inevitably results in a loss of information about specific color signals and color distortion in the final projection image.

This 1100 Lumen LCD Projector is featured with the lens design that mimics our own eye  adjusting the aperture after analyzing the incoming video signal The aperture is contracted during dark scenes for truer black tones and enhanced detail while it is enlarged for bright scenes to maximize light output and enable a wider dynamic range. No matter what type of content is running the Projector Rental ensure that you get the very best viewing experience.

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LCD Projector 1100 Lumen, Video Projector

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