Junior Bed (Toddler Bed) For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$49.00
Additional Week$42.00
Additional Day$11.00
Daily Rate$38.00

Family Rentals’ junior bed is great for visiting toddlers and young children. The junior bed includes one side rail keeping your child safe from falling off the bed which is sometimes a problem when a child sleeps in a unfamiliar bed. This bed is much safer than letting your toddler sleep on a regular bed because the junior bed is located closer to the ground not only preventing injuries from falling but letting your toddler get in the junior bed on their own. The low height of this bed also lets your little one feel like they have their own bed making them more comfortable which is especially important when you are traveling.

Put your mind at ease during the night with this junior bed you will not have to worry about your little one nearly as much when it comes to bed time.

Includes: sheet and mattress pad

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Junior Bed (Toddler Bed)

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