Invacare- Pronto M51 Power Chair 16″W x 16″D, Captain’s Seat M51PSR16(R or B) For Purchase


Item code I-16300

Sleek and Stylish New Design: All new contoured shrouds available in Candy Red Pearl or Deep Blue Pearl. SureStep Suspension: Invacare’s patented SureStep suspension ensures that you will have six wheels on the ground at all times for a smooth, safe ride with unmatched stability. True Center-Wheel Drive: The Pronto M51’s drive wheels are located directly beneath the driver, for “turn-on-a-dime” maneuverability. Worry Free Electronics: The Pronto M51 features a “point-and-go” joystick for intuitive driving that is incredibly easy to use. Comfort & Durability: With a supportive, contoured foam seat and a welded steel frame, the Pronto M51 offers the perfect combination of comfort and durability that won’t let you down.

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Invacare- Pronto M51 Power Chair 16"W x 16"D, Captain's Seat M51PSR16(R or B)

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