Infant Head Support For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$20.00
Additional Week$18.00
Additional Day$5.00
Daily Rate$15.00

The infant head support is used with the infant car seats for newborn so that their head can be stabilized and supported. This needs to be done for the same reason you have to hold their head when u pick them up, infants have not developed enough neck strength to hold up their own head. This can be a problem when infants are in a infant seat alone, their head can sit at awkward angles and this could be very dangerous. The Infant Head support keeps the infants head in a upright, comfortable and safe position. This infant head support also give infant car seats more padding making them more comfortable and safer for your infant.

We also have Infant car seats for rental.

*Please note that we cannot install car seats, per our insurance policy, but we will provide where you can get the car seat installed by a certified technician and, in most cases, free of charge.

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Infant Head Support

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