Hospital Bed- Twin Full Electric with Sides For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$99.00
Additional Week$95.00
Additional Day$18.00
Daily Rate$81.00

Family Rental’s electric hospital bed makes home care much easier for the patient, family, friends and caregivers, anyone can use this hospital bed at home. The electric features of this hospital bed make it easier for caregivers to raise and lower the bed for patient care. The electric height adjustment also enables the patient to easily position their hospital bed in any position for maximum comfort. Patients can also adjust the hospital bed to eat, watch TV, and talk without having to get up. This bed is designed with features to provide safety, comfort and assistance to any patient who is ill or disabled. They don’t call this a hospital bed for nothing it is the same type and made out of the same materials as beds used in hospitals all across the country and is specially recommended by doctors to be used at home.

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Hospital Bed- Twin Full Electric with Sides

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