Hospital Bed -Full Electric -Twin Size For Purchase


This used hospital bed is a full electric hospital bed. The used hospital bed height is fully adjustable via easy to use electronic controls. The head and foot angel of this used hospital bed is adjustable electronically with simple push of a button. Welded angle steel construction and reinforced corner plates provide maximum stability for the used hospital bed. Rectangle steel bed surface provides strength and support. Two piece spilt-frame design makes the bed easy to set up and operate. 3 inch swivel, licking casters make the hospital bed easy to move when unlocked but securely lock to keep the bed in place. UL approved low voltage DC electronic system provides the electric bed with a quiet and smooth operation. The used hospital bed is engineered to provide maximum comfort and durability. All of the equipment Family Rentals offers for rental has been well taken care of. This used hospital bed is a huge money saver when compared to similar new beds. *Illustration is a representation of the product, it may differ in color.”

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Hospital Bed -Full Electric -Twin Size

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