Golf Clubs – Childs Size For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$29.00
Additional Week$24.00
Additional Day$5.00
Daily Rate$24.00

Family Rentals kids golf clubs are great for any child whether they are on the course for the first time or hitting like the pros. The golf course is a great way for a child to spend time with their dad or even their mom and is a perfect bonding experience that you can do hundreds of times with your child. Golf is also one of the best ways to network with many people in almost any career so learning golf early can help your child for their whole life. Kids golf clubs can get really expensive so renting them is a great way to see if your kid likes the game before buying them their own set.  If you are visiting Florida golf clubs can be a pain to travel with so renting them once your already in Florida can get rid of all the hassle and dangers of losing or damaging your clubs while transporting them. Florida has some of the best golf courses in the country so why not let your kid play with you in the beautiful South Florida sunshine. Family Rentals inspects the kids golf clubs after every use.

Family rentals also carries golf carts, Adult golf clubs, and deluxe golf clubs.

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Golf Clubs - Childs Size

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