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First Week$32.00
Additional Week$27.00
Additional Day$9.50
Daily Rate$22.50

Family Rentals’ Adult golf clubs are a great alternative to bringing your golf bag with you when you travel. It is a big hassle and expensive to bring your golf clubs on a plane so why not skip all of that and just rent them. Our Adult golf clubs come in both left and right handed, we also carry womens sizes. The set of Adult golf clubs includes all the standard clubs including irons, woods, a driver, and a putter. The Golf bag includes large pockets to fit your balls, tees, and anything else you want or need to have out on the course. The bag included with this set of adult golf clubs is comfortable to comfortable and easy to carry even after a day walking around the course. Skip the hassle, cost and risk of damage to your favorite clubs when transporting them and rent a great set of adult golf clubs. Another great use for these Adult golf clubs is if you are trying out golf for the first time, golf clubs can get very expensive quickly so it is a good idea to try out the game first. Family rentals always inspects the adult golf clubs after every use.

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