Lightweight Golf Cart For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$10.00
Additional Week$8.00
Additional Day$2.00
Daily Rate$8.00

Family Rentals’ lightweight golf cart is great for trips to the golf course. Lighter, more durable and better looking than most golf carts you can rent from the clubhouse you an can get the lightweight golf cart for not much more and you get to use it for a week instead of just for a round. Fitting almost any size and weight bag this golf cart is versatile and strong while staying lightweight with its aluminum construction. Straps included with the lightweight golf cart keep your golf bag securely attached to the golf cart even after a day of moving around the course. The water bottle that can attach to the side of this cart is a must have for a day out in the hot South Florida sun, with out it you will be looking for the drink cart all day long. The lightweight golf cart has a place for you to put your score card, tees and a couple of golf balls. Transporting this lightweight golf cart is a breeze the cart is easy to pick up and can fit in almost every size car without a worry or hassle. Family Rentals cleans every lightweight golf cart after use.

We also offer golf clubs, kids golf clubs, and deluxe golf clubs for rental.

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Lightweight Golf Cart

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