Saltwater fishing rod For Rent

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First Week$22.50
Additional Week$20.00
Additional Day$5.50
Daily Rate$17.00


Family Rentals saltwater fishing rod is great for fishing in any of the hundreds of reefs and ship wrecks in Florida. The saltwater fishing rod comes with a tackle box so you have everything you need to go get the catch of the day! South Florida is one of the greatest destinations for saltwater fishing in the country. You can spend weeks fishing in the thousands of reefs, wrecks and other fishing hotspots all around South Florida and still not be close to done. This saltwater fishing rod is the perfect rod for amateurs and pro alike, you will easily cast long distances with almost no practice. The saltwater fishing rod comes with a high strength and easy to use reel and a rod that can break down for easy transportation and storage. The tackle box included with this saltwater fishing rod includes all the basics to get you going on your fishing adventure. If you are in Florida fishing should be on the top of your list of things to do it is relaxing, and can get you a great lunch or dinner.

A freshwater fishing rod is also available for rental if you would like to fish in the beautiful lakes located all around South Florida.

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Saltwater fishing rod

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