Electric Mobility Scooter – Heavy Duty For Purchase


Our Used Heavy duty Mobility Scooter is designed to remain rugged even if used heavily every day. This used heavy duty mobility scooter is great at carrying larger weight over longer distances than its lightweight and mid-range counterparts. 

The advancement in mobile and battery technology has been crucial in inventing mobility scooter. This used heavy duty mobility scooter has provided the much needed assistance and independence to people, who are unable to walk long distances but do not need a wheelchair either. Our heavy-duty scooters offer speeds of 4 to 10 mph, larger seats, exceptional construction and comfort. The electric used heavy duty mobility scooter is available with a huge 300 lb capacity, making it ideal for outdoor use. The Mobility Scooter is featured with a soft touch, tiller, turbo-boost, two level speed, . The scooter enables speed for a faster ride . The whisper quiet maintenance free drive system effortlessly powers the used heavy duty mobility scooter,. The scooter is easy to operate, as it is equipped with a single lever to control the speed, direction of travel and braking.

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Electric Mobility Scooter - Heavy Duty

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