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Family Rentals’ digital camcorder is perfect for recording almost anything. The camcorder comes with everything you need and a carrying case to put it in. The digital camcorder is great at preserving family memories such as a wedding, birthday party or almost anything else. The camcorder is digital allowing you to immediately view what you recorded and easily share it with family and friends. This digital camcorder can record more video than most tape cameras and you do not have to change out big clunky tapes every times one is filled up. Saving video in a digital format also allows you to easily put it on any computer were you can do many things with it such as post it to YouTube, Facebook or store it on the computer so you can look at it and remember that moment years later. You can also edit the video on your computer and copy it to a DVD to make your own video and show it off to your friends and family. The digital camcorder is very easy to use easier than many classic tape camcorders, most of the time you can just point and record without changing any settings. Record memories for years to come with this digital camcorder.

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