Deluxe Golf Clubs – Ram G-Force (Graphite & Titanium) For Rent

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First Week$59.00
Additional Week$55.00
Additional Day$10.00
Daily Rate$49.00

These Deluxe Golf Clubs are a perfect solution whether you are just getting into golf or if you need a quality set of clubs while traveling. Transporting golf clubs while you traveling is a pain and can be expensive. This Quality set of deluxe golf clubs includes a 460cc driver with a maximum sized head for greater accuracy even on off-center hits. The bad included with this deluxe golf clubs is lightweight so you can carry it all day without a problem, some other features of the bad included pockets to fit everything you need and more plus a stand that lets you easily stand the bag up for easy access and so you do not have to lay it down before every shot. Renting a set of deluxe clubs is also a great way to try out new types of clubs like the hybrid #3 iron-wood included with this set of deluxe golf clubs. Cut out the stress of transporting golf clubs and rent them hassle free from us!

These Deluxe golf clubs include:


Family rentals also carries golf carts, kids golf clubs and golf clubs for rental. 

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Deluxe Golf Clubs - Ram G-Force (Graphite & Titanium)

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