Crib Tent, Full size Crib Tent For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$25.00
Additional Week$22.00
Additional Day$5.00
Daily Rate$20.00

Family Rentals’ crib tent is the prefect solution to a curious baby. The crib rental tent discourages your baby from putting arms or legs outside the crib and also discourages them from trying to get out of the crib. The tent is also a great way to prevent bugs from bothering your baby. Fitting most cribs the crib rental tent does not get in the way of you when you are taking care of your baby in the crib. Easy to set up the crib rental tent can be put up in minutes by almost anybody. The crib tent does not restrict any airflow and won’t obstruct the view of your baby.

– Easy to set up
– Portable
– light weight
– sturdy

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