Cotton Candy Machine, Concession Style Cotton Candy Machine with Floss For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$69.00

Cotton Candy Machine

Rentals in South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach

INCLUDES: servings for 70, floss and cones

Family Rentals’ Cotton candy machine is a affordable way to add some fun to any party or event. Perfect for any party or event the cotton candy machine will sure be the center of attention whether you are selling or giving it away for free. If you decide to sell cotton candy you can easily make up the cost of renting this machine and make a big profit! With the machine you get enough floss and cones to serve 70 and a plastic guard to keep the cotton candy in and debris out. The cotton candy machine is simple to operate and can run by almost anyone. The machine is made from durable materials making it strong while staying lightweight enough to still be portable and easy to set up. Family Rentals cleans every cotton candy machine after use.

Cotton candy machines always have a line at events and carnivals, if you are planing a event this cotton candy machine will be one of the biggest money makers just be sure to get enough floss and cones so you do not sell out!

INCLUDES: servings for 70, floss and cones

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