Cooler 120 qt, Beverage Cooler Large 120 qt For Rent

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This 120 qt cooler is a great addition to any event or party that you need to keep things cold or out of the weather. The cooler is sealed off from the outside when closed protecting anything inside from the elements. Filled with ice, this cooler can keep drinks or food cool for almost a day and a half. The plastic shell of this 120 qt cooler is lightweight and strong to keep the cooler light enough to move around while keeping everything inside safe. This 120 qt cooler can hold more than 100 cans which is enough drinks to serve most parties. The cooler comes with 2 handles for portability and 2 latches to make sure the top stays on. Family Rentals cleans every cooler after use.

If this cooler does not suit your needs, Family Rentals has a variety of other coolers for rental.

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Cooler 120 qt, Beverage Cooler Large 120 qt

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