Charcoal Grille 2 x 5, BBQ Grille Charcoal For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$95.00

Family Rental’s five foot charcoal grill is great for anytime you need to feed large amounts of people. Perfect for BBQ’s, parties, or tailgating the 5 foot charcoal grill has plenty of room for making huge amounts of food. The grill’s charcoal gives food that BBQ taste that everyone loves. The Grill comes with 4 wheels for portability letting you move it anywhere for your huge party or wheel it around while tailgating. The charcoal grill relatively is lightweight for its size and can be moved with 1-2 people. The grill is made from sturdy metals that will not be weakened by the heat from long house of cooking. charcoal is not included with the grill. Family Rentals cleans all of our charcoal grills after use.

We also have a 6ft propane grill and a regular propane grill available.

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