Charcoal Grill 2 x 5, BBQ Grill Charcoal For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$95.00

Family Rentals’ propane grills are perfect for picnics, parties or barbeques.

Because propane grills give you better control over the temperature, they are easier to cook with than coal grills. The top of the grill helps protect your food from the unpredictable Florida weather, keeps the heat in, and helps cook your food evenly. It also includes two separate burners for better control over how fast—and hot—your food cooks.

Our propane grill comes with a table on either side to place food, plates and serving utensils on while you’re cooking. Wheels on both sides make this sturdy grill easy to move.

While our propane grill comes with one propane tank, which is enough to cook for a couple of hours, you can rent another if needed. Family Rentals fully inspects every propane grill after use.

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