Charcoal Grill 2 x 5, BBQ Grill Charcoal For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$119.00

Family Rentals 5 ft Charcoal Grill is perfect for picnics, parties or barbecues. It’s the perfect way to cook huge amounts of food for a big group. Whether your cooking for a party or tailgating this 2 x 5 ft propane grill will keep up with the biggest of orders. The 5 ft grill includes 4 wheels allowing you to easily move it around your party or set it up anywhere while tailgating. This 5 ft grill is relatively light weight for its size and can be easily moved around by one person and lifted by two.

We also have a 5 ft propane grill available.


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Charcoal Grill 2 x 5, BBQ Grill Charcoal

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