Bouncer/Summer Seat, Infant Bouncer Seat For Rent

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First Week$14.00
Additional Week$12.00
Additional Day$3.00
Daily Rate$11.00

Family Rentals’ baby Summer seat is a great toy for any baby. The summer seat holds your baby in place while he/she plays with their own toys or the toys included with the seat. The light weight design of the summer seat does not sacrifice safety or stability but allows you to easily move the summer seat with out and strain or unnecessary effort making this summer seat very portable. Little to no set up time at all makes this on of the best places for your baby to play, rest, or take a nap when you are traveling around a lot. 

The summer seat is great for naptime! It keeps almost any child entertained until they tire themselves out and take a nap.

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Bouncer/Summer Seat, Infant Bouncer Seat

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