Booster Car Seat, Half Booster Car Seat For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$20.00
Additional Week$18.00
Additional Day$5.00
Daily Rate$15.00

Half booster car seat for children 40 – 60 lbs. Automobile seat belt used to strap the child.

Family Rentals’ Booster car seat is perfect for children that have outgrown a toddler seat but are still not big enough to use a regular seat. The boaster car seat supports children 40 to 60 pounds and attaches with a seatbelt. Featuring a lightweight design anyone can pick up this booster car seat and move or install it. The install time for this booster car seat is just a couple of minutes and the seat fits in most cars. Most people don’t know that after a child has outgrown a toddler seat they are still not ready to sit in a regular cars seat, they need a booster car seat to be safe in case of an accident. Renting this booster car seat is a great alternative to flying with your own, you can skip the hassle of checking the seat into baggage and spending that extra money.

This booster car seat is the perfect way to keep children 40 to 60 pounds safe while traveling or visiting around south Florida.

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Booster Car Seat, Half Booster Car Seat

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