Beach Toys, Beach and Sand Toys For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$5.00
Additional Week$4.00
Additional Day$1.50
Daily Rate$3.50

Family Rentals’ beach toys will make your kids’ time at the beach even better! These beach toys will keep your children occupied so you can sunbathe and relax at the beach while they make sand castles and have fun. Better than having to buy beach toys for just a couple of days of fun at the beach you can save money and not have to worry about keeping the toys by renting them from us. Included with the beach toys is everything you would normally find in a bundle of beach toys and more! The whole family can be entertained by these beach toys, you can bury somebody, build a huge castle, or run around with the Frisbee. The beach in South Florida is one of the most fun places to be, make the most of it with this great bundle of beach toys! Family Rentals cleans all beach toys after use.

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