Baseball Glove, Bat and Ball For Rent

Available for Rent
First Week$10.00
Additional Week$8.00
Additional Day$3.00
Daily Rate$7.00

Our Baseball kit comes with everything you need to start playing baseball, a glove, ball and bat. If you need extra gloves we offer them too. Baseball is a American tradition and one of the greatest sports to play. Baseball is such a great sport because it is easy to understand and almost anybody can play it. Everyone from the kids to adults can play in a game of baseball all you need is this kit some extra gloves and a open field. This baseball kit is also great if you want to play catch with a couple of people all you need to do is grab a couple of extra gloves and you will be throwing that ball around in no time. If you are planing a large gathering such as a company picnic or family reunion this baseball kit is also great for teambuilding exercises and family bonding because baseball requires teamwork and everyone talking. Use this Baseball kit to make memories with you family and friends!

Baseball Glove, Bat and Ball

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