Baby Bassinet , Infant Bassinet For Rent

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First Week$39.00
Additional Week$35.00
Additional Day$7.50
Daily Rate$31.50

Family Rentals’ Baby Bassinet is a great alternative to a cradle. The baby bassinet features extra storage and bedding for you baby. It is very light and portable allowing you to move it from one room to another with little effort. You baby will love the Baby Bassinet because it has soft sides instead of the hard wood frames most cribs have. The easy set up of this baby bassinet allows you to disassemble it and store it during the day giving you extra space, perfect if you are staying in a small hotel room.

Our baby bassinet crib is designed as an astonishing, second to mother?s arms set for your newborn baby. The bassinet is beautifully crafted with a bassinet to envelope your baby in softness, gentleness, and beauty.

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Baby Bassinet , Infant Bassinet

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