6 x 8 Fastfold projection screen For Rent

Available for Rent
Daily Rate$95.00

Our 6×8 folding Projector Screen is compact, highly portable, can be assembled without tools and has interchangeable surfaces for both front and rear projection. The 6×8 folding Projector Screen has a 6 foot high by 8 foot wide viewable screen size with Rear or Front projection. This is the professional choice for screens. These Projector Screens have a folding aluminum frame that forms a strong screen base, the screen material is then attached to the frame via press studs creating an ideal tensioned projection surface. The screen material is black backed giving the screen increased sharpness and stopping the picture from seeping through the screen.

Our Video Projection Screen has great contrast, image sharpness and a wide angle of view. This is ideal for audiences of 1 – 200 people. This 6×8 folding Projector screen gives the maximum in adjustability for all situations. It has true color-contrast and surface flatness for perfect image sharpness, this screen meets the highly critical demands of discriminating professionals. You can rent this at less cost than others available in the market for more enjoyment to your family or friends. The whole frame and screen is simple and quick to take down. The Whole 6×8 folding Projector Screen becomes a small and portable package when taken down.


6 x 8 Fastfold projection screen

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