Tuffcare Hospital Beds

We offer a large selection of Tuffcare hospital beds to help provide mobility, comfort, and safety to a diverse range of patients with different conditions and treatment plans.

Tuffcare Hospital Bed Types

Choose a Tuffcare hospital bed according to your specific needs. Types of beds offered include:

  • Semi-Electric Beds: Designed to be adjustable. Hand cranks are often located at the bed end to adjust bed height. Electronic controls are integrated for adjustment of the head and foot angle with a simple button push for patient comfort and health.
  • Fully Electric Beds: Electric beds allow for full adjustment of bed height, head and foot angles with electronic controls. No manual adjustments are required as a low voltage system allows for quiet and smooth operation.
  • Heavy-Duty Beds: These hospital beds offer additional support for people weighing up to 600 pounds. Heavy-duty beds we offer come with electric controls to fully adjust bed height, upper body, and knee positions. A hand crank is also available for situations where there may not be power.
  • Manual Beds: Manual beds allow for the adjustment of height and body position manually through controls like hand cranks.

Delivery and pick-up options are available across South Florida. Browse and checkout Tuffcare hospital beds online below or give us a call at 561-279-9355 to purchase.

Showing 1–12 of 15 results

Showing 1–12 of 15 results