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Quickie is a name well known for lightweight aluminum wheelchairs and powerchairs in the US. They are made to look sleek and full of comfort controls and are one of the most popular wheelchairs that you will see. Most are made of lightweight aluminum, usually black, for that sleek, stealth look, and Quickie wheelchairs are well known for superior padding in the seat and back area. Besides electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs, Sunrise Medical Equipment also provides some of the finest in diagnostic products with their blood pressure devices, blood sugar monitoring, stethoscopes and peak flow meters. They carry a variety of products such as ankle braces, back braces, elbow braces, knee braces, neck braces, shoulder braces and wrist splints. They provide patient room furnishings including hospital beds (electric and manual), over bed tables, bedside commodes, trapeze Bars, seat Lift Chairs, alternation Pressure Pad Units. Sunrise Medical Equipment also assists you in mobility with walking aids like walkers, rollators, canes and crutches. Along with helping your mobility needs along with wheel chairs and accessories including their manual and motorized wheel chairs, sports wheel chairs and supports. Family Rentals is an authorized repair facility that can fix your Quickie “quickly” and we have many of their fine products for rent or parts and batteries are in stock for quick repair.